Keep track of special repeating events

BlueMoon let's you keep track of when something occurred last and when it's due again. Unlike a repeating event on a calendar, BlueMoon events "float" - they are relative to when they last occurred. This makes them great for keeping track of things that happen at some specified interval but that usually don't happen on an exact day. You may want to remember to call a distant relative every couple of months, but you don't call on an exact date for instance.

Another use of this capability is to keep track of when you last ate at a certain restaurant or fast-food place. If you have multiple children, this can really be handy!

Sometimes things occur and we want to keep a log of each and every occurrence, or at least a count of how many times something has happened. Examples of these types of things include tracking medical symptoms (for allergies perhaps) or having information showing when you did some required activities (instrument calibrations and checks etc.).

Here are just a few ideas for things to keep track of with BlueMoon:

  • Furnace air filter replacement
  • Giving the dog heartworm pills etc.
  • The last time you called Mom or that out-of-town friend
  • Haircuts
  • Smoke alarm battery replacement
  • Checking tire pressure on your cars
  • General pet care - feeding fish, cleaning tanks etc.
  • New shoes for kids (teenagers will try for new pair every couple of weeks - see just how long "forever" has been!)
  • Contact lenses (cleaned / replaced)
  • Fireplace flue cleanings (time interval based or easily track number of fires!)
  • Mattress flipping (or adding chemicals to waterbed)
  • Clock battery replacement
  • Watch battery replacement



BlueMoon 1.17